About Tanja

Tanja Bogataj, MM.Sc. is a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach and Consultant, Founder and Creator of #bepowerfulandfree®, Founder and CEO of the Power for Change Institute.

After completing almost 20 years long successful career in the public sector, of which she served more than 10 years on top leadership positions and at the same time developing and integrating coaching skills into her leadership, she dedicated her professional work and service to her three passions - personal and professional development and mastery, self-leadership and visionary leadership, and empowerment of individuals and communities for positive changes.

Tanja is a strong believer in people’s capability to learn, improve and create. She's inspired by nature, lifelong learning, and creating better ways of being, living, and co-creating.

She has created a #bepowerfulandfree® platform as an empowerment platform, where you can:
- Find Tanja's articles on Visionary Leadership, Empowered to Impact, and Personal Mastery;
- Tap into your powerful and free uniqueness, and share your Leadership or Power story with the world; and/or
- Get inspired by Power and Leadership Stories, shared by amazing people from different walks of life and parts of the world.

Feel free to connect and get your #bepowerfulandfree® lift up.