About Tanja

Tanja Bogataj is a Leadership and Transformational Coach and Consultant, Owner and Leader of #bepowerfulandfree®, Leader of Empowered2Impact Platform, and a Mentor for leadership.

The combination of sports and art since her early age, the years of studying and practicing - law, political sciences, management, leadership, and coaching -, and more than 15 years of experience in working with top leaders and managers in public administration, as well as from non-governmental organisations, and privately-owned companies has given her the opportunity to gain broad knowledge and skills, to support high-performing individuals and teams toward achieving their personal and professional development, and mastery-level achievements (individual, team, and organisational wise).

Tanja is a strong believer in people’s capability to learn, improve and be highly creative. She also believes in a community's power to create a momentum and support for us to develop and embrace our uniqueness in order to share it with the world in a collaborative and creative way.