Trust for Trust

Trust for Trust

The article is written by Tanja Bogataj, Leadership and Transformational Coach and Consultant | Founder and Practitioner of #bepowerfulandfree® Approach


Trust can’t be created on demand, or with demand. It’s created with connection and care. It demands some track record of us being in integrity, of our actions and behavior reflecting what we are saying. This is relevant also to our silence. It’s relevant also for our ‘no decision’ decision, ‘no action’ action, ‘no follow-up’ follow-up.

There was a powerful observation expressed in one debate I recently followed on state leaders and the trust relationship with people they represent: ‘As a leader (one in power) you can’t expect trust from people and that they’ll respect your decisions (people following) or at least not questioning you/your decision if you don’t show with your actions that you trust and respect them.’

This could be a great catalyst for leaders – as we are and leaders we’d follow. And another filter could be the statement by Charles F Glassman “Belief will open the door, faith will help you see the light, but trust will give you peace”.

It takes time, attention, and positive mutual intention to build trust. It takes something additional to restore trust when lost. It takes standing ground and being in integrity. It takes acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, hope, and faith. It takes releasing ‘what could be if’, and it takes being willing to open up to create what is now (still) available to be created.

Few questions for your further inquiry:

  • Do you trust yourself and the people that you lead and co-create with/for? 
  • Do people trust you? How do you know? 
  • What makes the difference, when you trust or don’t trust?
  • What makes the difference, being trustworthy and not so much (anymore)?
  • How do you build trust, and how do you restore it when lost?