Living with Integrity

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I have a deep appreciation for those who are going through life and its struggles with head high up, choosing to do their part as needed to bounce back, with determination and compassion in hope for better days ahead. My mom’s like that. She displays that quiet undeniable inner strength and perseverance on the path. Although she’s […]

One life to live

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We were always very close and connected, my dad and I. Sometimes not really talking much, just enjoying the company, sharing moments, sometimes sharing stories, insights, and ideas. Humour was one of our favorite ways to bond.  I’ve learned a lot from him about nature, people, leadership, systems, working for the cause, perseverance through challenges, […]


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Every day we are in at least one leadership role. If nothing else, we decide daily how we are going to live our life, what kind of role are we going to play, what kind of relationships and projects are we going to participate in, and what is our purpose and drive? It is interesting to […]