Be-Do-Have Success after Success

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Be-Do-Have Success after Success Written by Tanja Bogataj, Leadership and Transformational Coach and Consultant | Founder and Practitioner of #bepowerfulandfree Approach I’m borrowing a life success formula by Zig Ziglar as one part of the success equation. He said “you have to be before you can do, and do before you can have”. And I’m […]

#bepowerfulandfree 1-2-3 MAGIC

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  “You know what, f… it, just do it! It’s yours. It’s you. You just need to start, then you’ll develop it.”    (excerpt from #bepowerfulandfree blog post, April 2, 2019,     It’s been quite a journey last 3 years of #bepowerfulandfree, and we keep on keeping on, learning and growing while making a […]

Impacting and Being impacted

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Observing and listening more from the distance this time pre-election debates with all the big buzz words, promises, expectations, and power games that are on the daily agenda currently in my country, I’m thinking about what candidates are actually saying, and from where/how they’ll use their power if elected and in power. We all try […]

Be The One

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I have been struggling with myself whether to really use this cliche and self-explanatory title, but it kept coming out in my thoughts, in random trendy songs, and received posts, so it is. Be The One. Be The One in many ways – for your reasons, for what drives you, for what you stand for, for […]