One standing in a possibility for another

At one of my #bepowerfulandfree workshops I’ve used a quote I read somewhere ‘We people are alike, the difference is the heart.” (unknown author). After the workshop one participant asked me ‘So, what’s then the real difference among us?’ Great question.

There seems to be many differences among us, like background, appearance, environment we are part of, education, profession, culture, nations, experiences, lifestyle to name few. These differences sometimes create distance among us in relationships, teams and society. This usually happens because we are not enough aware, we don’t know, we don’t understand, or we are afraid to know or to experience something new or different.

We might forget that these differences are actually something that could help us to learn and develop individually and as a collective much more or faster, than if we stay at the known and comfortable distance.

There’s a shifting point in this. To learn from each other we need to be willing – willing to be vulnerable, open, opposed, exposed, challenged, reinvented, over and over again, and again. Here’s where our hearts come to surface and show her/his/our real power – truth. Being loving or something else, empowering or something else, inspiring or something else, trusting or something else. I could go on and on since it’s just the expression of love and fear in its core, for whatever reason or purpose.

I am inspired by people who individually, and together with others choose to keep making a difference, day after day, choosing love instead of fear, standing for what/who they believe in. They shift the line from impossible to possible, from unknown to known, from less loving to loving.

You probably think I’m talking about ‘the others’, ‘those’ who are doing ‘something big’ in the world, and not you. I am, and I am talking also about you and me. And, by the way, usually it’s the small shifts we do that make the big/necessary/important difference, and it’s what we all do and not do daily that creates the environment/the world we are all part of. Sometimes it’s just easier to see it by others, not just the negative, also the positive. We are mirrors to each other to learn from each other.

Imagine if you’d intentionally stand in a possibility for someone (you can start with yourself and people around you) today, and inspire others to do the same, how abundant this world and our lives would be. Now forget that ‘if’, and just do it. That’s the shift. That’s a game changer. Be that one who stands in a possibility for the other/s.

2 thoughts on “One standing in a possibility for another

  1. Really such a beautiful post. Thank you for being such a great example of seeing people greater than they are able to see for themselves.

    1. Thank you Tina. Really appreciate it. Love acknowledging, sharing and multiplying people’s love, light and beauty with #bepowerfulandfree. We are so powerful, and it’s liberating to help each other to own / live it.

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