Empowered to Impact

Re-Commit and Continue Being Powerful and Free

‘You know what, f… it, just do it! It’s yours. It’s you. You just need to start, then you’ll develop it.’ This was a friendly push&kick with NYC flavor that helped me start with the #bepowerfulandfree journey two years ago. Nice memory. And a warm and exciting feeling of gratitude and appreciation for how life works if and when we follow the hint of getting out of our way, and instead listen and follow when to act and when to wait.

Reflecting and contemplating on the past two years, it’s been an amazing, life-changing, heart-mind-spirit transformational, learning and growing journey for me and the people on my path.

It brings so much gratitude, appreciation, and inspiration to witness what this approach can provide for those practicing it. It’s an ongoing path to yourself and for yourself. It’s about acknowledging and developing your best, sharing it with the world and people around you, contributing to what you believe in and what you stand for, and co-creating a better world for all.

On this special occasion, celebrating the 2nd anniversary, I recommit to my #bepowerfulandfree path. I refocus my vision, mission, and service. I choose to keep living, creating, and serving to be powerful and free while making a difference.

Here’s an open invitation to all of you to join whenever you feel ready, inspired, called, or challenged, wanting to give your best to the world, others around you, and yourself.

There is freedom in being powerful, and there is power in being free. It’s your choice and your life. The only thing you are encouraged to do is to give the world the best of you anyway.

With love,

Tanja #bepowerfulandfree®