Catalyst for Change

It’s amazing how life&love works as trying to help you accept yourself more, love yourself more and believe in yourself more, and come back again and again powerful and succeeding if you face life and what is in front of you ‘eye to eye’ and ‘heart to heart’.

Going personally through a heart empowering after being deeply cutting and broken after broken situation for quite some time, and looking back at last few months how situations and insights were unfolding and revealing more and more clearly what was and is inside, behind, above – you know those “pink elephants in the room” or the scenes from The Emperor’s new clothes – it’s really amazing how it (can) all work(s) out.

From my observation, some things persist as long as I need to finally see them as they are. And it might hurt, me persisting in resisting the reality (accepting it), until it hurts so much that something shifts. It has to. At that shifting moment I feel my true self, my inner strength, my power, my freedom that I can do something to change this situation for myself. Only after this shift, I can truly heal, keep going forward with an open heart, and learn from it all.

I’m realizing and acknowledging myself being a catalyst for a change in these kind of situations for something to process and potentially transform. It’s amazing how much is in the (in)visible and what/how is being projected in the visible. It’s also amazing what is and can be taken for granted, (mis)interpreted and (mis)understood. 

I’m grateful for sharing and learning on my life’s journey from different people, and different interpretations and expressions of life and love, so I can learn, heal and evolve faster and eventually in a more loving way. 

It’s interesting metaphor “pink elephants in the room”. I really love pink, and I love elephants. They represent love and friendship. When we are able to address these “pink elephants” in one or the other way, we actually see  things more clearly, more neutrally. After this ‘neutrality’ acknowledgment, we can choose and practice ‘love instead of fear’. It’s an experience of deepening the unconditional self love, and to unconditionally love others.