Empowered to Impact

Be The One

I have been struggling with myself whether to use this cliche and self-explanatory title, but it kept coming out in my thoughts, in random trendy songs and received posts, so it is. Be The One. Be The One in many ways – for your reasons, for what drives you, for what you stand for, for who and what you love. You choose. The only limit is your mind. But take that choice, and be ‘The One’. Be a Good One. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Whatever you are be a good one.”.

‘To Be The One’ is an innate thing. There is a certain belief, perspective, perception, and decision behind it. It is about authenticity, acceptance, compassion, and commitment. And it is about the state of our awareness and a state of our being  – which part of us is choosing ‘to be the One’, and ‘why to be the One’. There is freedom in choosing and freedom after making the choice. But the power and effect differ about the reason and drive behind.

The meaning of ‘to be the one’ can also be understood in a very basic way, as to be ourselves, and letting others be themselves. Pretty simple, ha?! Hmm, probably yes, but can I/we? could I/we? should I/we? Right now?

Let’s make it even more simple. Let’s say that we already are The Ones. And that today we just need to try to be a little bit better than The Ones we were yesterday. That’s all. The level of ambition and criteria to measure your improvement is on you. What’s your choice?

I Am The One…

  • who initiates the positive change;
  • who searches and suggests new ways;
  • who tries new things and approaches;
  • who notices possibilities for the development;
  • who volunteers for help, for work, etc.;
  • who offers support in advance;
  • who makes the first move towards a change;
  • who strives for better relationships;
  • who gives ahead love, care, respect, compassion, and support;
  • who…………..(continue your choice/s).

Keep on choosing, and making decisions daily. Act upon it. Be The One. A Good One.