Personal Mastery

Impacting and Being impacted

Observing and listening more from the distance this time pre-election debates with all the big buzzwords, promises, expectations, and power games that are on the daily agenda currently in my country, I’m thinking about what candidates are saying, and from where/how they’ll use their power if elected and in power. We all try to be as authentic as possible I guess, but how is it? Are we spending more time in I wanna be or in actually being? Is our power more from inside-out, or outside-in?

For leaders or politicians is probably even more difficult to answer what’s their true authentic power, and how is it displayed. What would you answer observing/knowing anyone of them? They in general seem to be pretty confident about themselves, but are they always in their authentic power? For sure they are not alone in this question, since one can’t be a leader without people to lead or a politician without the ones he/she represents. What would you say, are they saying more or less what we want to hear, or what they want us to hear or do? Or do they believe what they say and that they are the ones that will make it happen? I’d say probably all together. We co-create the environment, the ecosystem we are all in. We are part of this, like it or not. Aware or unaware. Active or passive. We’d better acknowledge and accept this. The sooner the better, then we can change something, if we want to, of course.

I wonder what our ecosystem/s really look/s like, and if it’s/they’s the best possible to support us in our endeavors for a better future, individually, in relationships, in families, in the workplace, and as a society. I’d say we probably have some untapped potential in authenticity, in expressing our individuality, in having more courage, space, and opportunities to stretch ourselves more, and in co-creating with others more powerfully and free of projecting and judging how is/they should be. If we’d put this in a digital scheme, it’s probably obvious, logical, and simple, like nature. It’s probably beautiful. It’s perhaps powerful. Anyway, us being some more some less conscious of who we are, and how we affect each other, it could maybe help to have it in 3D, and with the possibility to show ‘errors’, where we don’t support each other, because we either don’t know better, don’t want to interfere, don’t care enough to know, etc. This could help us see the potential for improvement.

If we put this into the context of the concept of wholeness, I know I ‘should be more into Western, but I’ll go with the Taoist perspective anyway, all creation simultaneously contains subsystems (mind/body/spirit) while being part of increasing larger systems, like family, community, society, nature, etc. For the entire ecosystem to be healthy and whole, the yin-yang balance needs to be maintained within and between systems. I understand that nature has a tendency toward balance, but what kind of balance do we create among ourselves as individuals, our environments – private, professional, public, and within our society? How do these interconnections work, where do I stop and you begin? How much are we influenced by the environment, and how much do we influence our environment? What is then my/our true authentic power in this? How much of our authenticity we can handle, accept, and truly live?

In the spirit of new possibilities, let’s make an agreement, a new one, that we can all be, and use our authentic power to create more possibilities in our ecosystem/s for ourselves, for each other, and for us as a whole to prosper and grow. Too much? Not enough space? How could this work? Can’t be managed? I’d say the best strategy is to appreciate our lives and each other and just Be. In this way, we could create a really powerful society and a resilient social network.