Personal Mastery

Dancing with Life – The Power of Endings and New Beginnings

As they say, every ending is a new beginning. Our lives are a series of moments we spend in these ongoing ending-beginning cycles and processes in between. It’s important to take the time here and then to reflect, and to celebrate. To celebrate our lives, our choices, our courage, our hearts, our scars, our laughs, our tears, our wins, our losses, our ups and downs, and everything in between. There are so many opportunities to learn and grow. There are so many gifts, and potentials to empower ourselves and the people around us.

There is a certain excitement when facing the new, the not yet, and the not known. We sense in them our new possibilities to grow, develop, spread, and be. There are thoughts and a sense of what is possible, what can be created, what we can express and become, with whom to share ourselves, and the path. There could be some fears and struggles as well, especially with letting go of the known and the comfortable, and opening up to the new while releasing the old.

It’s interesting to observe these for us differently important, some bigger, some smaller shifts, crossroads, points of choices, and potentials for detours on our pathways, with some people staying on our path, some leaving, and some new entering our lives. What’s called at these occasions is to integrate and take ownership of our lives, of ourselves, of everything we’ve become till this point. It’s who we’ve become, and the essence of the learned lessons that we take with us when moving on. Other things need to be released for the new to enter, and to further shape, sharpen, and polish us.

It’s the concept of constant reinvention, of searching for answers to ‘Who do I need to be’, ‘Who do I need to become for the next phase of my life’, ‘What no longer serves me’…There is our power and there is our freedom within and behind every decision in these transitions from ending something to starting something, from ongoing being to becoming and being and …in between.

Something that was previously not possible, is now available and possible. It’s time. Finally. Already? Ready. I’m ready. We’re ready. We’ve created this opportunity, this space, and this shift, with the choices we’ve made so far. Being here and now, we can question and answer again our why, what, how, where…with whom…Being here and now, we have the opportunity to be, to create, to make a difference. Being here and now, I ask you what’s one of your endings, and one of your beginnings today? Who do you need to be to let go of the old, and open up to the new? Who do you need to be to serve powerfully and contribute your best to the world, today, during these endings and beginnings?

There might be a sense of insecurity and uncertainty in these transitions. And we find our security and certainty by being in learners mindset, and by being in our truth. We are students of life during all lifetimes anyway. Here and then we are also teachers to people that enter or cross our path for a reason.

It’s about dancing with life. It’s an ongoing dance. We are the creators. We are the masterpiece and work in progress at the same time. So powerful. So true.

It seems so empowering and liberating, dancing with our lives, and with each other. Let’s dance, and create magic in/from our lives.