Personal Mastery

Powerfully Creating Beauty

Reflecting on how my today was, I can still sense the wonderful feeling of a beautiful autumn sunny day, noticing nature playing creatively a season-changing game. Of course, ‘the Friday part with a Week-end ahead’ added a final touch to it.

I have to be honest with you, usually, I have some trouble accepting September. It can be sometimes quite challenging for me to notice the beauty of what it brings. I usually need quite some time to get ready to say goodbye to Summer and what it represents to me. Afterward, it becomes easier to embrace and enjoy Autumn as well.

But this September, from day 1 on, it has not left much open space for me, either to look back, wait, wish for, or prepare for accepting the change/s. It came boldly, straight-fully, and with edgy clarity. Not much place and time to hide or ‘let me think about it’. In only a few weeks it brought many twists and turns, some expected, some anticipated, and for some, it feels now that it was just the way they needed to happen or be. Either to complete something from the past or for me to continue courageously on my path. I am grateful, excited, and even amazed, as often in moments like these, how life unfolds if I control less, and instead embrace the ‘what it is’, sustain my presence, keep my heart open, and just do what needs to be done. Sometimes this requires my action, sometimes other proper responses, and sometimes just to be patient, really patient. In a way nothing special, just being human and being present, but at the same time very special, just being human and being present. Amazingly liberating and empowering. As well as a powerfully and resourcefully creative and prosperous way to be.

Being aware of and getting through those twists and turns, and what followed, I was able to see the pattern, connections, and how the current loop was finishing up, and then starting to continue into the next. Awareness and appreciation of the constant flow, circle, constant end, and beginning. It seems that it only makes perfect sense when looking back at how things – life happened. I am sure I am not the only one who wishes for some kind of certainty during these kinds of processes and in between them. But in fact, most of the certainty can be derived from trusting myself and the process, and from my commitment to persevere.

When looking closely and paying attention to the motion of the flow, one can notice there are many (possible turning) points, not just major ones. And especially not just the ‘negative’ ones, the ones we put in the so-called ‘Negative Experiences Box’, and give certain significance in our life. These many different points can be perceived as possibilities for a choice. A choice about ‘what is, ‘Where to?’, ‘How to?’, etc. In the here and now one can observe the emergence of something new and the indication of something old that needs to be transformed. One can sense a sense of gratitude, integration, peacefulness, enough, and of a new possibility. This is a point from where we can go either way, for whatever reason, with whatever intention or none of it. From this point everything can be created, we decide. And even no decision is a decision. Our creative force goes, either in a certain direction, or it wanders around with no clear focus. But it creates. And it is powerful in doing so. We make a difference, it is just the question, of what kind of – content and quality-wise.

It could feel a bit overwhelming to embrace all this responsibility we have when facing our limitless power, for ourselves, our lives, and the impact we have in our lives, and the world around us with the choices that we make. But it could be that there is a similar heaviness from not being aware of this power and living passively, not taking responsibility, prolonging decisions, or over-layering our true path with excuses. It is interesting how at first glance it seems more difficult to embrace all of our power and intentionally create with it what we want, and that it is okay not acknowledging what we create with the second choice, for us and the people around us.

Spending the last weekend among some amazing human beings, masters of constant self-reinvention, and successful creators, made me re-think, re-feel, re-set, re-invent, and re-joy. And then I repeated and re-done the exercise probably several times during the week. I recommend offering yourself this kind of luxury, taking time, and clearing your lenses and senses. I know, it sounds very poetical again, but what can I say, apparently I have cleared mine, and the creative part now just wants to express and have fun while doing it.

We are so powerful, whatever we do with our energy and creativity, and it might be wonderful to use it for the good, the better, the love, and the beauty in our lives. This calls for finishing up with a beautiful concept of Nichiren Buddhism that during our life we should strive for our happiness and the happiness of others, and while doing so we should be creating and collecting mostly so-called Treasures of the Heart (gratitude, relationships, love, compassion, etc.) since these are only treasures that last infinitely. With this in our hearts and our minds, it seems natural to powerfully create beauty in our lives one day at a time.