Personal Mastery

Light and Love Within

Still contemplating the experience of spending the last few days in the company of beings of ‘light and love’ – dolphins and whales, and some wonderful turtles and birds. Still in the deep and overwhelming feeling of appreciation and connectedness. These amazing beings are so graceful and tender, yet so strong and flexible in responses. True, innocent, peaceful. They are reading us through and through. Being patient if this is the right moment to meet and connect, or better stay at a distance when we are ready and open for this connection. They are so open playful and trusting. I know we too know how to be like that. We just get off too many times. Get distracted, get out of love, get disconnected, for whatever reason.

Being in their presence, either observing them in their world from the boat, or swimming with them was like connecting to a different frequency, but felt so natural. Them being as they are, moms swimming with and showing their babies, families swimming together and inviting us to swim with them for a while, groups of 3 or 4 playing and inviting us to play along, or just swimming under, in front of, or along the boat, making beautiful jumps and displayed themselves in all their beauty. Amazing intimate experience on its own. What you notice, see, feel hear, and learn is up to you, it’s yours. It’s their gift to us. It’s our gift to ourselves.

I find water, especially the sea in this pre or after Summer less crowded season to be so powerful, healing, and nurturing. I love how it almost instantly releases the tension and makes me drop what’s not useful/needed here, and just enter open-heartedly. No need to prepare, plan, know, or control. Just be, and let be. Just being open to connect, and to release into it. Beautiful. So pure, so powerful, and so free. With these amazing beings, it’s so easy to be a part of the One and receive their empowering teachings and guidance.

I’m so grateful to my friend who invited me here to Tenerife for this wonderful experience. After this experience, I have also a deep appreciation for people who organize this kind of experience to raise awareness about the power of the ocean in its beings, and their teachings about who we are and how to better connect from/in love with this World.

So much quiet and being time for me in just a few days, and so loud and clear messages. So much wisdom in learning. A true journey. It seems perfect to describe it with an ‘As Above, so Below, as Within, so Without.’ (The Emerald Tablet, 3000 BC). So true. So powerful. So transparent. So heart and eyes opening.

It made me think about all the littering we humans do, either tangible or intangible, material or in words, relationships, leadership, etc. So much plastic, and human leftovers in oceans. Do we think it can stay hidden? For how long? For what costs? For whom to clean it up? It’s becoming so transparent, and nature is showing it every day, sometimes gently and sometimes with huge bouncing-back power. It’s creating a critical mass for us to finally make a change, to make different choices, and to do the right. To make powerful and transformative shifts from within.

I’m sharing with you a message from dolphins – being strong in partnerships and community, and playful in life, where the only true love is free. And from whales – to cherish the grace and sacredness of unity, family, and community, and that you/we can’t stop now, you/we need continue and find your/our way further to live and give your/our gifts, and to appreciate and celebrate this World as a wonderful place for all.

Be (in) light and love, and make a difference, powerful and free. As other nature does. Day by day. Moment by moment.