Personal growth

Timing and Enough

I was thinking lately about the timing, and now ending the cycle with the word enough, and the potential wisdom behind it. The concept of timing works for me. It helps me find the way to accept things, life…, and to learn and grow from. It helps me be, and staying on my path, and allowing others in my life the same space and freedom.

It’s interesting to observe life on these occasions, certain crossroads, points of choices, potential detours on our pathways. It’s interesting how our timings are sometimes different, how we sometimes expect/hope/know that the other will be at similar point so we can continue together, or that life will wait us up and meet us at some point again. And sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes we just understand timing differently.

Life sometimes surprises us, but it always offers a lesson or two or…. Learning and understanding timing, is learning and understanding life. And how I see now the word enough, it can be a good teacher as well.

“Yes, I know, you’ve already told me you have enough few months ago, but why? Why is that? Why enough?” I was asked this question lately, when I thanked for the offer and said no, and added it’s time for something else now in my life, and that I have enough…. I, or the other in this situation, could easily fell into a trap of persuading, or justifying. But actually I’ve realized that it was a fair and good (enough) question. For the one asking, to receive a clear answer and valuable information to be able to accept the situation and create something positive from it anyhow. For me, to respond from more neutral state of being, being clear with my thoughts and show up for myself when answering. And for both, to keep the relationship and communication clear enough, to move on by not closing the door, but continuing different paths, with appreciation and respect.

It made me realized it’s not really about the ‘enough’. The enough it’s just the trigger, the filter, to principle, the drive, the mirror, the reflection and the information. By definition, enough means “as much or as many as required” and “to the required degree or extent”. I’ve learned, and still learning in my coaching service, about the enough – providing just the right service needed to support my clients as best as possible, and this just right, is enough service, not more and not less. It’s the same with other things. In the situation above, it was to realize that I’m in a way ahead of enough, since I was able to speak about it so clearly, and from the state of compassion, for both of us. It’s more about knowing and acknowledging that something has already ended, and something has already started, and that we’re creators of it all.

I invite you to rethink your enough – how you use/understand it – ‘enough’, ‘enough enough’, ‘not enough’, ‘just enough’, …? Why?How your thoughts/feelings/actions reflect that? What’s the wisdom behind? What’s before and after, or beside your enough?

Regardless of mine or your answers to these questions, we are enough. Sometimes we just don’t give (ourselves) and receive enough in different relationships and situations for whatever reasons, and that’s what’s missing, and that’s what’s tipping, triggering, and here and than offering the opportunity to be enough anyway, and anyhow. Be enough, do enough, give enough, have enough, and allow others to be enough as well.