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The ‘Power’ Thing – Make It Personal

The word ‘power’ is usually described and felt as something outside. We notice it as a certain appearance, expression, or way of control. Because power is often considered to be used in different forms and shapes to overpower others, and gain some kind of benefit, it is often understood with a negative connotation, as something bad or dangerous. But in fact, power is our innate thing. It is our resource to be used to be safe, to live our lives, and to create with.

Power is our innate gift, but to be honest we are often not even aware of it. We quite easily say we are powerless or without enough power, or that others have too much power. But in reality, we are afraid of our power, of really feeling it, owning it, and freely expressing it. We express this by not using our power to actively create our life; by expecting others to act in a certain way or even to ‘save us’, or do something instead of us; by giving away our power to others to make decisions on our behalf; by criticizing ourselves that we are not good enough, that we do not deserve, or that we will do something when this and this happen, etc. These are some situations in which we choose to not own our power and feel powerless or without enough power, instead of feeling powerful. We each have our reasons for making this kind of choice. However, they all have in common one thing, it is a matter of taking or not taking responsibility for ourselves, and for our life.

It is up to every one of us, what and how it is going to be – powerless or powerful. For those of you who are willing to take charge and own your power, here are 3 steps how to make it yours, and to powerfully create yourself and your life with it.

First Step: Make it Personal

Your power consists of many elements, such as your talents and skills; your values; your integrity; your inner wisdom; your personal statement and life purpose; your service and contribution; your roles with the meaning and purpose behind them; your love/s; your passions; your lessons learned; your experiences from different relationships; your wounds and scars; your willingness; your motivation; your goals and aspirations; your achievements and failures; your ups and downs and the way you bounce back and continue your way; your dreams; your imagination; your colors, melodies, and words; your different ways of expressing yourself; your …. (continue the list, and make it personal).

Second Step: Own your Power

Now, when you know what composes your power, you need to integrate all elements and own them. You need to embrace your power. It is all you. You can use different techniques to integrate power elements into your personality, such as journaling, positive affirmations, meditation, writing down goals, achieving them and celebrating your victories, writing down your values, your wins, your experiences, and your lessons learned, or experience them through coaching, NLP practices, reading, and other daily practice.

Third Step: Express it to the World. Enjoy while doing it.

It is our right and responsibility to explore and express our uniqueness and share it with the world. Express your power freely, powerfully, fully, lovingly, and creatively. Start expressing it now. You do not need permission. Enjoy the journey!!

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