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Powerful Year – Living Intentionally

It’s been a year since I published the first post here on my #BePowerfulAndFree blog, with the title “The “Power’ Thing – Make It Personal”. Looking back, it was quite a journey this year, powerful and liberating. I feel grateful, empowered, and inspired to continue my journey, and further empower others to do it as well. It was and continues as a process of transformation, with many changes, challenges, and possibilities for personal and professional learning and growth.

From many insights, and lessons learned through this process, I want to share two, which are, I think, universal.

#1 Going through the process of changes intentionally brings more (and faster) awareness, clarity, creativity, empowerment, and results.

This process of course also brings many ‘things’ you can not envision and prepare for at the beginning. But it also brings that inner wisdom and resources on how to face them. When being challenged by these ‘things’, you actually are ready to face them, and to learn and grow from them. However, it is still your choice whether you do it or not, how, and to what extent.

It is always interesting for me (interesting with a potential to learn and grow from) to notice how we perceive changes and transformation differently, as individuals, but also if they are ours or somebody else’s. My past year seems to some like a 6-8 months period and to some more like 2 years. To me, well going through I can’t really say it was less than a year, but to be honest, it is also not really the time that I count here, it is more the content and quality of it. I can say now it was a GREAT year. I can say it was the best year to become what I needed to be for my further journey. A truly powerful year. A year of living more intentionally. This brings me to the second lesson I want to share with you.

#2 Intentional living brings more quality, joy, and fulfillment, and through journaling this value can be extended/broadened.

Keeping a sort of journal going through the transformation, either in writing, or any other way of following the process, and also including other people being part of it, importantly adds value to this process, for you, and for others you might inspire. It brings more quality into one’s life, more ownership, more accountability, and faster growth. It keeps bringing you to being here and now, and creating from this place.

It is not that your steps become easier or they don’t demand your effort and courage with time. But after you integrate the sense of your intention, you get more and more of the feeling of how to create your path from the inside out, one step at a time. Through this process your small steps and wins slowly create your path, and bring you more and more empowerment, joy, and fulfillment.

Our different stories and lessons create us, they inspire us to continue, they connect us with others, and they might inspire others to step into their power and make a difference in their lives. I encourage you to acknowledge your path and share your story and lessons with the world.