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Living with Integrity

I have a deep appreciation for those who are going through life and its struggles with heads high up, choosing to do their part as needed to bounce back, with determination and compassion in the hope of better days ahead.

My mom’s like that. She displays that quiet undeniable inner strength and perseverance on the path. Although she’s been always employed and a successful lawyer, doing a lot of community service, I’ve experienced her as devoted to serving her family first, especially my dad, my sister, and me.

There was a good chance that I would have had a completely different experience in life as my mom suffered a severe brain aneurysm when I was four. Luckily she’s a warrior, and very much present in our lives.

Her strong personality, and clear values like hard work, honesty, commitment, perseverance, knowledge, learning, doing your part as best as possible, being in service, and helping others, significantly influenced me personally and professionally.

I often remember how she taught me these values when I was a child and in my teenage years. I’ve always been grateful that she was doing it by demonstrating what she stands for, and not just telling me what’s allowed and possible for me, or not. She had that bullet-proof combination of discipline and compassion, not letting me go away with any sort of ‘powerless state or act’. She made it clear that I could choose differently. She also made it clear that I need to take responsibility for what I choose. She’s still this way.

Now at the age of 40+, I’m often in roles where I have an impact on people around me, either personally or professionally, and I’m deeply grateful to my mom for being a role model for me in how to live with integrity, for yourself and those around you. I’m convinced that integrity empowers one’s steps and path. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always the easiest way. However, for me, it has shown through life to be the best way to live powerful and free, with inner peace, and fulfillment.

As my mom would say:

“I believe in you. But it’s more important that you believe in yourself. If you do the work, and you do it with good intentions, for the right reason, and aligned with your values, the result will show. It might take you longer or look differently than you think or wish. Be grateful anyway. Look around you, and see what needs to be done and what can be done. Then go and do it, and hope for the best outcome.”

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