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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Written by Karen KJ Johnson, Master BRAND Coach, Chief Education Officer & Author (www.kjsdstudio.com)

For many years, society has influenced our way of thinking about what’s popular and what’s not. It’s been grained and etched in our minds the “perfect” way you should look, behave & exist. We have been influenced to be someone we are not in order to fit in.

One of the most frequently asked questions today is “Who is [insert your name]?” The response is often a list of roles and hats you wear as a female. “Oh, first and foremost, I’m a child of God, I’m a wife, mother, sister, and daughter”. “I’m the CEO of my company or I’m the VP of Sales”, etc. So many times, you identify yourself with the many roles and/or hats you wear, but never tell the listening audience who you are; who you are at the essence of your core; who you are BEFORE any of your titles, hats, or roles. You are so much more! It is my honor and pleasure to introduce you to the real YOU!

You are a Warrior: You wear the whole armor of God. You are equipped with everything you need. You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know. You are a Warrior!

You are an Overcomer: No matter what life throws at you. No matter the level of difficulty, because of who lives on the inside…you stand firm and conquer. You are an Overcomer!

You are a Masterpiece: God spoke EVERYTHING into existence, but you, He created in His image & likeness. You are the crown to man’s head. You are a Masterpiece!

You are Anointed: You are appointed & positioned for such a time as this. Your love, support, wisdom & knowledge puts everything into alignment. Everything connected to you, everything you touch, prospers. You are Anointed!

You are a Nubian queen: You are a royal priesthood. You are a giver of life. You build nations. You are highly intelligent and when a man looks upon you, he’s stricken with your beauty. You girl, rocks & rules. You are a Nubian queen!

You are a Proverb 31 W.O.M.A.N.! It’s your power! It’s your strength! Recognize who you truly are and watch the game change!


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