Empowered to Impact

Together in Light

Today is my sister’s birthday, and I want to celebrate her amazing soul by celebrating the power of sisterhood.

Our parents raised us in a way that having each other is one of the most important and powerful bonds we (will) have in life. The bond will be always there and can support us, but it’s up to us what and how we go about it and no one can do it instead of us.

Having quite different characters and ways of thinking and working, was often a struggle and a cause of frustration and hurt for both. But being there for each other through many life challenges, taught us to cherish the connection more and more. It made us realize that being so different in many ways and so connected at the same time was and is a great learning and growing opportunity for both and people around us.

My sister and I now resonate powerfully in ‘light’, in ‘being together in light’. This empowers and inspires us. Besides our amazing mom and Nina’s wonderful daughter, we both have a few amazing soul sisters on each side. To me, it looks like we are part of and co-creating a powerful light net of circles around us, personally and professionally. This kind of connection provides more compassion, collaboration, and trust in the environment to nurture and support all other relationships.

It’s super inspiring to me to imagine that we all do this in parallel and simultaneously in our lives, and society, women and men. If we are aware of these powerful and supportive interconnections and interdependence, I think we could create a huge shift in our lives and society.

In my experience, either personal or professional, we usually don’t need long or much to get it. We just need to be willing. We sometimes just need to be reminded of, encouraged by, or taught how to do it differently. Sometimes from people we love, from total strangers, in a more friendly way, and sometimes because we fight the change life brings it in ‘less friendly’ hints.

Regardless of the challenges we face or how much we fight the change, we can decide to trust and daily recommit to trusting life. We can decide to keep the faith and give the world the best of us anyway. You know who’s in your world, and you know who you affect. The more you’re aware of what you do with your power, the clearer it is to know how to be and what to do.