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The Power of Words

The Power of Words (Written by Danielle Lucido, 2017, Awaqi, https://awaqi.com)
“I believe the words we focus on, the ones we say out loud, to ourselves and others create recurring thoughts and beliefs that shape our perceptions about the world around us. This realization wasn’t just born from a book or workshop, but frankly from experiencing & overcoming significant life struggles, adversity, tragedy, and pain.
But with that knowledge, I also believe we have the power to change the way we perceive things, by taking time for self-care with the mind-body-spirit. Also part of that shift is taking time to discover a higher purpose for our lives. The greatest power many of us take for granted is the choice we have in defining that purpose.
We all have unique gifts and talents that if we offer them in service to others can create the greatest sense of personal satisfaction & full fulfillment.  I don’t believe we only have 1 unique destiny. But rather several.”