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Story of Transformation

Story of Transformation

by Paola Devescovi, Business, and transformational coach | Reiki master teacher and energy healer | Digital entrepreneur

Writing my story today is an opportunity to look back, connect the dots, and appreciate the transformation I went through over the past 10 years.

I’m Paola Devescovi and today I’m a business and transformational coach, a Reiki master teacher and energy healer, and a digital entrepreneur. Before becoming who I am today, for almost 30 years I have worked as a freelancer conference interpreter and translator. I have made an amazing career that offered me the opportunity to be the voice of people who have made an impact in this world – Pope John Paul I, Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, to name a few – and get to know about what was happening in science, technology, medicine, environment, politics and in other industries in ways that could not have been possible if I had chosen another career. As an interpreter, I traveled to many countries, stayed in amazing hotels, and met amazing people. I’m saying all this simply to say and acknowledge I had an amazing career that offered me opportunities I could never imagine when I chose that path.

Then a storm hit my life: when I was about to turn 50 I went through a difficult separation that forced me to sell my house, lost my mother, and found myself being a single mother of two teenagers (now young adults). My freelancer career was no longer enough to support my family. Life challenged me and forced me to reinvent myself and start from scratch.

What then looked like a nightmare, today I see as a blessing that led me to start my coaching and entrepreneurial journey. It hasn’t been an easy process at all: it required a lot of inner work to understand what I could and, especially, what I wanted to do.
Luckily I had started my personal and spiritual development work a long time before. I was 18 when a friend lent me “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay. That was the beginning of my self-discovery and spiritual journey that never stopped and that still continues today. And along this journey, I have acquired the tools and resources that have helped me to go through that storm and that every day gives me focus and direction in my life.

In the past 10 years, I have faced many challenges: personal, financial, and professional difficulties. However, the biggest challenge of all has been my fear of failure. I guess many of you have been – or still are – there too. And this fear was accompanied by many other limiting beliefs about myself and my ability to re-create a new life for myself and my children, especially considering the fact that I was turning 50. Who is it going to listen to me? How can I compete with all those young, talented, beautiful, capable entrepreneurs out there? What can I offer?

I have had lots of downs and some good wins. I have grown through breaking through many challenges that taught what to me is a key principle for a successful life: DON’T QUIT! even when circumstances are so bad that you don’t see any other way out. This principle – and my investment in my self-development, spiritual growth, energy healing, as well as quantum physics, neurosciences, and metaphysics – has guided my path and has helped me build my business and form joint ventures with other entrepreneurs and amazing professionals and healers, create an app for smartphones (I would have never thought I could embark in such a venture!), become an international published author, learn new skills and experiment new businesses, be a member of the International Advisory Board of the Professional Woman Network, Assistant Director of a BNI Chapter is Rome, and Ambassador for Italy for the Female Wave of Change organization, all this while I was a single mom of two teenagers on my own.

Over the past 10 years, I have learned a lot and I continue to learn day after day. I believe that education – personal, professional, spiritual – is a life-long investment and a duty for us to be able to fulfill our purpose in this life on this planet.

Today I’m following my passion for helping as many people as possible re-discover their talents and their potential, create a new fulfilling and prosperous chapter in their life, connect with their intuition to express their passions, be or become healthier by working on their energy, see and seize the opportunities that life puts before us, and achieve their goals and dreams.

But I cannot do all this by myself. This is why I have created The Bridge – Center of Transformation where I bring together teachers, practitioners, coaches, consultants, physicians, and scientists from all over the world and from different cultures and backgrounds, where we integrate ancient traditions and modern science so that everyone can find the tools and resources that best resonate with them for their personal and spiritual growth and successful professional life.

The Bridge-Center of Transformation is not only the culmination of a journey of personal transformation that lasted 10 years and the beginning of a new chapter in my life; it is my contribution to making this world a place where the generations to come can live in peace, freedom, prosperity, and love.


About Paola:

After a successful 26-year conference interpreting career, in 2009 Paola Devescovi started her coaching and entrepreneurial journey launching 3 successful international digital businesses with 3 different models, including her coaching practice. Since then, she has coached women entrepreneurs around the world helping them to turn their ideas into a digital business using a very unconventional coaching approach that combines ancient traditions, science, strategy, and spirituality.

Paola has just turned her coaching practice into The Bridge – Center of Transformation that offers programs, resources, practitioners, experts, and tools to help her international clients achieve the transformation they need to live the life they desire and promotes a spiritual approach to business.

Combining her interpreting and coaching skills, Paola also offers corporate programs in intercultural communication, intercultural intelligence, multicultural leadership, and stress management.