Power Stories

The Path of Getting Back to My Power

Reflection on the Personal Power within the Coaching Process by Majda Lavrencic (April 20, 2017):

‘When you are empty, completely empty, when you can not grasp the feeling of whether you really exist, you need help, and you need to be empowered to recall your inner strength again. It can be the right word, smile, or a gentle touch at the right moment, it can be anything to remind you in that moment that you are still there, that you exist, that you matter, that you can…

Rooted like an endless tree with its deep roots, you finally start the path towards the hope, the hope of something better, and brighter…. Somewhere higher. There is the awareness that something has definitely ended, and somewhere something new has definitely revived…You do not know when, nor how, that clean, deep breath comes again. The root strikes afresh, somewhere else, freely. Someone has to show you and lighten up for you that there is enough space for your every tear, that every tear is there for a reason, that it waters roots, and because of that, roots strike a new life, freely, liberated.

Without this help, one has a hard time finding his or her personal power. You just fall into that mode of not caring about it. Within yourself you are trembling, looking for the solution, …You go through days without being conscious of yourself when working, living, eating, and existing. Everything is blurred. And with help, gradually, with moving huge burdens away, and starting to roll away these huge emotional rocks, things become lighter and easier. These rocks are rolling slowly, but they are moving away persistently. It takes patience, yours, and others. It takes strength to move that rock. And under every rock, there could be a life, small, tiny, and new. And after every darkness eventually there is a light. When you notice the flower, when you hear birds singing, when you see colors, you realize it is time to admit to yourself that you are a Winner. With help. With a Power. For Yourself.’