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A plus in life for homeless children in Uganda – Afrika, because every child deserves a chance.

Story by Alexandra Rametta, Health-, Weightloss-, Wealthcoach

About 7 years ago I started an international home business with the company „Lifeplus“. What I liked the most was the concept of offering people better life quality in personal health, financial health, and social health and that everyone can do it without any pre-obligation or investing money.

For many years my dream was to make a difference in people’s life and help them to achieve their goals.

In January 2019 I shared an article on Facebook from the company I’m working with, about safe water in Africa.

Jeremiah Mikenga, who is supporting an orphanage in Uganda has seen my post and liked it. He sent me a friendship request and we started a chat. I have seen on his profile a lot of children and asked him what he is doing. He told me that he is a father of 4 own children and takes care of other 28 homeless children, who lost their parents because of AIDS or because their parents could not afford to raise their children so they left them in front of the orphanage. Jeremiah takes care of them as his own children. He also told me about the bad situation in Uganda. He never asked me for money, but I asked him how I can help him. He asked for clothes, shoes, some shirts and shorts. So I asked my community for used clothes and shoes and sent packages to Uganda. He sent me videos and pictures made with his phone of how grateful and happy they were about the received clothes and shoes.

We stayed in contact and Jeremiah shared more information with me about the situation over there: they had no running water, no electricity, and they were cooking outside the house on a fireplace. They took the water from a borehole about 2km away from the orphanage, but the water was polluted. They had to pay rent for the house where they were living and therefore they struggled every month to nourish the children. The children were sleeping on the floor in a very small place (32 children divided into 3 small rooms).

Some children couldn’t go to school, because they had not enough money to pay all the school fees. They completely depend on donations! They were supported by their church, guided by Pastor Peter and some other individuals.

We were discussing for a long time what would be a good solution for them. I also talked with my Business team about what we can do and how we can help them.

I also talked with Fr. Amos, a Kenyan priest whom I got to know through my church. He hold a mass in my village and after that, I told him about these children and that I want to support this project. He told me to be careful, because there are a lot of false people and he recommended me check first if everything is true. I asked him for help, and he said that he knows a sister, her name is Marta, and she lives in Uganda. Fr. Amos contacted her and asked her if she could go there and check the situation.

We sent her to the place and she took a lot of pictures of the house, the children and talked to them. She confirmed that help is really needed and that the situation there is really very bad, even for Africa.

One day Jeremiah told me about his dream project. He was very excited and told me that he has found a very cheap property in Iganga Village, about 30 min away from the old orphanage. This property included also a farming land of 5 acres with 2 houses, 1 finished and 1 semifinished, and a safe water fountain. The price for this land was only 16.660 Euro including a fountain and 2 houses. One house could be used as an orphanage and the second for a future school. They could grow food on this farming land so that they don’t have to suffer from hunger anymore. With this project, all the main challenges of the entire community would be solved.

So I talked again with my Team and we decided to start some fundraising projects: charity events, markets, donation boxes in grocery stores, and online fundraising to raise donations for this project. We’ve opened a donation account in Italy and received donations from our projects and private individuals.

Until August 2019 we already had more than half of the total amount of the property costs, so I decided to fly to Uganda personally to check the situation, see the children and pay the first installment for this property in Iganga village to secure this property for the children’s new home. 

Together with my family friend Nino, we flew to Uganda from 25 to 29 September 2019. Jeremiah and his friend pastor Peter picked us up at the Airport Entebbe and brought us to a Hotel in Jinja. The next day we went to visit the new property in Iganga and the day after we went to the orphanage to visit children! We spent the whole day with them. We’ve seen their daily life, ate together, and played some games with them.

On the third day, we went together to the notary and paid the first installment, and signed together the sales agreement for this new property in Iganga.

On February 2020 we flew for the second time to Uganda with Nino, Elena, and her daughter to pay the balance of the new property. 

Meanwhile, the most important needs are satisfied, because they don’t have to starve anymore. Also, the water problem is solved because they have a safe water fountain. We were also able to refurbish the new orphanage with windows, floor, color, ceiling, and everything with donations.

The only thing that is still needed for the house is bunk beds, mattresses, mosquito nets, blankets, and some furniture.

Our next goal is to transform the semifinished building into a school for the children so that they can save school fees and extra costs for sleeping and eating.

The price for finishing the new school is about 44.285.000 UGX (10.000  Euro). 

Last year (2020) my team colleague Elena and me created a donation account for all children so that interested people can make a sponsorship for 1 child for a better future.

My personal goal is to help Jeremiah to become independent from donations, so I gave him the opportunity with my company to create an additional passive income for himself and his children.

What I want to say is that everyone, every single person, no matter what they do, what they learned, or where they come from, can make a difference in their and other people’s life!

I would be honored for everyone who would support me in my endeavors, or start their own meaningful life project to make a difference in people’s life! 

Feel free to contact me for more details or if you’d like to get engaged in the project.


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