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Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

by Barsha Prasai, M.Sc | Blogger| Writer | Life Coach (Everydaysinspiration.com)

I am pursuing my passion for writing in my blog, which I started in 2019. Well, it was not something I knew about my interest before a few years back. I came to Germany in 2010 to pursue my Master’s in Biomedical Sciences and had big hopes and ambitions. After the Master’s degree, most of my friends from university were doing a Ph.D., and I was not getting any opportunity and was sad about it. I was occupied with writing applications and attending Interviews without success. I got married and was living as a housewife and then started to work in a university laboratory based on my Biochemistry academic background. I realized I was not happy working in a lab with chemicals and scientific equipment. I then started working in a Biotech company as a Database Curator in a city named Rostock. During that time, I was living with my flatmates from different countries. I collected lots of memories with my friends during that time. I realized I was a person who loves to know about the culture, and meet people, and at one point in time, I was expressing to them my interest in a career where I would work with other people and inspire them, help them understand their potential, encourage, and express my philosophy of living life with passion and expression. I now remember I always had that deep urge to work for myself without being controlled or ordered by anyone else. Slowly, I experienced burnout in my workspace, and I did not continue my work contract there.

I started listening to my heart and gave myself time to find what I was interested in. During my work in the biotech company for two years, I realized my interest in personal development, spirituality, writing, storytelling, and inspiring myself and others to hear their self-desire to pave a path of their own and share my experiences through writing. Before that, I was in the mindset of self-criticism, self-doubt about my ability to create my creative career. 

As I am writing for Be Powerful and Free, which has the mission to express the power and leadership stories of people from different fields, I would like to mention that it is so important for us to realize our freedom, because we sometimes are not free in our mind and thoughts. We may feel stuck in our problems and resist creating our legacy of creativity and impact positively on society. I was focusing on my weaknesses and shortcomings rather than on my strength; it was the limiting factor resisting my inner happiness.

I can see improvement in my mental and spiritual and physical health after I started practicing gratitude journaling, visualizing my future pursuit, and strongly believing in the law of attraction. I have experienced great freedom from my own self-limiting beliefs. I would encourage the readers to start practicing gratitude for everything we have in our lives because no matter what stage of life we are in, we always have something to be grateful for. Learn to make vision boards of what you want to achieve in a certain period, think positive, practice positive affirmation, and trust me you will see a shift in your mindset as well as you will start seeing manifestations.

I am at the beginning of my mission of impacting and encouraging people to listen to their inner voice of how to create the empire of their creative pursuits and initiate you to be an entrepreneur. Additionally, I am working on my project to start a Podcast in the coming days and connect to more people who can share their inspiring life experiences to add motivation to our lives.

I want to mention a quote that I find very encouraging “The mind has a powerful way of attracting things that are in harmony with it, good and bad.” ― Idowu Koyenikan,

For anyone who is in the uncertain phase of life in terms of career, education, or relationship, I would like to make them aware that nothing is permanent. Everything comes at the right time, in a period of crisis it is our opportunity to take care of ourselves, listen to our heart and soul’s desires, read self-growth books, have positive self-talk, and have faith that with time all is going to be okay.


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