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I’m possible

I’m possible

Power story by Päivi Yli-Hollo, mom of two and on a mission to help people to find their inner strength

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ”I’m possible”

I’m Päivi Yli-Hollo, a mom of two and on a mission to help people to find their inner strength.

Why this is my mission?

The year 2020 is the year to remember – for me not because of Covid-19. I would call that the year for starting my journey to find myself and my inner strength.

When I was younger I spent years studying abroad, in the U.S.A. and in Brazil, because different cultures and people always fascinated me. I’ve made great memories and experiences. Long story short, my 16-year marriage became to an end in 2020, and I had to reinvent myself and find my strength.

Tools for my journey of finding inner strength
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) became a great tool in this journey. Learning new ways how to listen to my heart and intuition made a difference in how I reacted to all the changes in my life. Being able to help and support my children also gave me confidence that I will get over this difficult phase. Now NLP practices are a part of my everyday routine and whenever I feel like losing my strength. And the best part of this is that I have only started my journey. My goal is to reach the trainer qualification and therefore help others to help others. Meanwhile, there are so many people that I would like to help and encourage to become the best version of themselves.

Surround yourself with those who are going to lift you higher.
You are an average of five people you spend your time with. During 2020 that phrase became really important in my healing process. Together with NLP tools, I’ve learned to listen more to my intuition when meeting new people and therefore be able to be in my own strength.

I’m grateful to my team in my Arctic Nutrition business for all the support. So many ”emergency calls” when I’ve been in my low mindset and they’ve always supported and lifted me up again!

Another important network, where I’ve met great people in all areas of life, is BNI (Business Network International). The global pandemic and the online platform gave me the opportunity to meet thousands of new people online. And making good friends, like Tanja! Well, that’s something new for the ”old generation” (born in the ’80s) and normal for the new generation. Lifelong learning indeed.

What does the new year bring for me and me?
I don’t know yet, but every day is a possibility to meet new people and learn something new with them.

You have all the skills inside of you to be the best version of yourself. Just trust yourself.


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    1. It’s myy pleasure and honour hosting your story on #bepowerfulandfree Platform. Grateful our paths met. Keep inspiring.

  1. Hei Päivi! Mitä kuuluu? T. Sari Entinen Korppila nykyinen Naukkarinen

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