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Forgiveness. That’s one of the transformative topics for me this week. The 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth seems to be the right sign and a gentle enough push to do what’s next, and how’s right. I know. Love is the answer. I believe it’s true, always.

It started rolling during the weekend. And as always, there are just the right people, events, books, and messages, when I’m ready to notice and hear, and possibly learn something. Mandela’s quote “In a gentle way you can shake the world.” is always very powerful for me. It means being aware of our inner strength and light, showing up for ourselves and for what we believe regardless of consequences, and using our power gracefully to make a difference in our world.

It’s powerful also on issues I’m struggling to face or deal with at certain moments. It shows where my ego is keeping a distance, building a wall, and where I’m choosing to close/stay closed. It always shows when and where I’m off #bepowerfulandfree, and I prevent myself from learning and growing.

Two days later it was clear, together with Byron Katie’s statement “Even if you’ve forgiven that person 99%, you aren’t free until your forgiveness is complete.“, there was still anger and resentment. It was not just 1% left. I let it run, my thoughts, my feelings, my expectations, my memories, my interpretations, my beliefs… As Brene Brown explains, “For forgiveness to happen, something has to die.”, “Whatever it is, it needs to go. It isn’t good enough to box it and set it aside. It has to die. It has to be grieved. That is a high price indeed.”, and “To be forgiven is to be loved.”

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  1. Thank you, dear Lučka. 😀 I can’t imagine to stay strong, brave and more me from day to day without your encouragement, love and uncompromising coaching advice when I feel I’ll stop breathing: Keep it to the end! 🙏💕💪

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